MC-100 Super Master is a set of computer, sending cards, video processor, multi-function cards and other equipment in one of the all-round display for devices that support a variety of network synchronization asynchronous mode, support the current mainstream of the various control receiver card. It is the industry's first to support self-maintenance of network intelligence LED display device, is the industry's first application of distributed management technology to the LED display and input device. Is the industry's first support custom devices.


• Highly integrated: Industrial computers, display sending card, a video processor, multi-function control card, network controllers, and so get a machine.

• dual mode control: either through a variety of input sources or through the network in real-time broadcast programs, but you can upload a program from the computer, synchronous asynchronous play perfect present.

• Wireless control: through existing wired networks, WIFI network, outdoor wireless networks, 3G, 4G network, U disk and other wireless transmission control, eliminating cable fiber optic cable laying works.

• High compatibility: Can the current market a variety of adaptive receiving cards.

• Cloud Internet: as long as the Internet can cover the place, you can always control the LED display.

• Support for multiple windows, can be set free window size and position, and to support the window superimposed;

• Support for the operating environment temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters monitoring, support automatically adjust the display brightness;

• Support for rich media material, such as pictures, video, text, forms, etc.

• Support HDMI video input, AV input, support video cameras, digital television;

• No IP settings, automatic identification, a key connection;


Hardware parameters
1.6GHz dual-core processor / 533Mhz clocked quad-core GPU / 1G DDR3 high-speed memory 1080P HD hardware decoding play
Control range
Maximum support 1920 * 1080
Support receiving card
Reception card is fully compatible with all manufacturers
Storage capacity
Standard 4GByte SD card; U disk support Plug and Play, the program can also be imported to the SD card player
Interface Type

USBx2 (can be extended outside 3G 4G WIFI U disk mobile hard disk)

LAN Ethernet port x1 (input interface for connection to a computer or router)

LAN Ethernet port x1 (output interface, coupled to receive the card)

Audio 3.5mmx1

DVIx1 (external sending card)

Sensor Interface

Relay Interface

HDMI input x1 (video version)

AV input x1 (video version)

Sensor Support
Temperature / Humidity / noise / brightness
Screen support according to the time for automatic brightness adjustment, or conduct Screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness
Software parameters
Image Format
Supports bmp, jpg, png and other mainstream formats
Video Format
AVI, WMV, MPG, RM / RMVB, MOV, DAT, VOB, MP4, FLV and other common video formats; It can support multiple simultaneous video playback
Audio Format
MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AAC and other audio formats
Text format
Support txt, word, etc.
It supports digital clock, analog clock
Support orbc, access, sqlsever various database types,
Support word, excel and other office documents
Timing information
16 groups RGBR 'full color data, 20 group RGB full color data
Weather Information
Support in the same direction to the fold, the reverse fold, with the four fold, can significantly improve the refresh rate
Remote switch
Support machine timer switch / software switch
Physical parameters
Board size
Input voltage
Rated current
Rated Power
Operating temperature
-40 ℃ to 80 ℃
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